How to store potatoes, onions and other vegetables?

How to store potatoes

Many people are not sure how to store different vegetables properly. How many of you will automatically put almost all your vegetables in the fridge after your shopping? I admit that I also used to store a big part of vegetables in the refrigerator. Of course, it is also advisable to store some types of vegetables in the refrigerator. Let’s take a closer look at certain vegetables.


How to keep salad fresh

It happens many times that you buy a lot of salad and use only a small part of it. You put the rest in the fridge and the next day the salad is slightly mushy and doesn’t look very tempting.

How to keep the rest fresh? Once you buy your favorite fresh salad, be it romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce or rucola, wash it well and tear it into smaller pieces. Remove any mushy parts. After the salad has dried well, place a kitchen paper towel on the bottom of a larger bowl. Then fill the bowl with salad and cover again with a paper towel. It will absorb excess moisture and your salad will stay fresh for a few days! This way you can easily store it in the fridge.


Storing tomatoes

Yes, you must have heard that tomatoes are practically a fruit. However, some scientists claim that tomatoes belong to vegetables after all. But the most important thing is that they taste fantastic.


Tomatoes should not be stored in the refrigerator! They’ll lose their taste and will taste like … water. Only if you want your tomatoes to last up to several weeks. However, I would rather recommend canned tomatoes. Tomatoes should be consumed relatively fresh, when they have (especially in the summer season) an excellent juicy and aromatic taste.

The ideal temperature for their storage is around 15 ° C (59 °F). Nonetheless, they don’t mind the slightly higher temperature. Of course, it also depends on what kind of tomato it is. You can store tomatoes in a canvas basket or bowl in a not very bright light.


How to store potatoes properly

Surely you all know that potatoes do not belong in the refrigerator or in a warm bright place. It is best to store potatoes in a dark and cooler place. Cellars or larders are ideal. In a cellar at a temperature between about 4 and 9 ° C (39 and 48 °F), potatoes can last for several months. Sacks or wooden crates are adequate for longer storage.

Potatoes can start to sprout at temperatures above 10 ° C (50 °F). When there is too much light on them, sprouting will start quite soon. It has probably happened to you that in the summer, if stored incorrectly, your potatoes started to sprout almost immediately.

What about those potatoes that started to sprout significantly? Watch out for the sprouted potatoes! Although the green color on the surface of potatoes contains chlorophyll, which includes beneficial minerals that have a positive effect on our body. However, the substance solanine is also found in sprouts and green places, which is dangerous in larger quantities. If the sprouts are smaller, remove them well, wash them carefully and you can consume them. However, discard greener potatoes with larger sprouts.

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Onions and garlic

As with potatoes, onions belong in a darker, cooler and dry place. With such storage, the onion can also last several months. An adequate place is a larder or cellar. Avoid storing onions in the refrigerator, where they will actually last a long time but lose all their flavor. Do not store onions in plastic bags and containers where they could mold relatively quickly.

It’s the same with garlic. However, if your onion or garlic start to sprout, you have nothing to worry about. Unlike potatoes, such onions or garlic are safe to eat. I can’t imagine cooking without onions and garlic. They are such a great vegetable to use in almost every dish. They are the basis for recipes such as Bauerntopf, Goulash or Pork Vindaloo.

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