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It’s probably no surprise that I love both food and cooking. However, I have not been led to cooking since I was a child. Of course, I sometimes helped in our kitchen – but mostly by tasting and coming up with recipes 🙂

Hence I’m not a trained cook. My passion for cooking came when I moved abroad. Until this moment, I did not have much need and space for cooking. Our kitchen belonged to my mom, who always willingly and lovingly prepared excellent meals for the whole family.

Nonetheless, if necessary, my cooking consisted mostly of pasta, eggs or other simple dishes. There is not much to talk about creativity, and laziness has certainly played its part.

After moving to Germany, I had to start thinking more economically. Regular visits to restaurants were out of the question and consuming semi-finished products is also not the healthiest and tastiest solution. By the way, with reasonable shopping and eating, you can save a lot of money.

So I started trying different recipes, whether from Slovak, German or other cuisine. Cooking has been bringing me joy for a few years now, and with each new recipe I improve my cooking skills. And most importantly, I cook for my girlfriend, who is my precious “taster” and critic. The best thing about cooking, besides cooking itself, is seeing the happy faces and empty plates.

Need family lunch ideas? Do you want to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend by preparing a great dinner? Looking for quick recipes during busy days? Then you are in the right place!

On this site you can find a variety of recipes from different cultures and different corners of the world, which everyone can easily prepare at home in their kitchen.

I like to try new dishes, which I will be happy to share with you. For some recipes I bet on authenticity and the traditional version, and on the contrary for others it is an interpretation with my own style.

I bring you not only one specific category, but simply all possible ordinary home cooking recipes. But everyone will get their own way. Vegan dishes, Asian food, seasonal goodies, various desserts or soups are all to disposal.

I like to cook seasonal dishes and use various tasty seasonal ingredients. Especially with vegetables, freshness is very important.

There is nothing better than garden-fresh taste of juicy tomatoes in the summer season or fresh asparagus with the arrival of spring. During this period, fresh asparagus is found almost all the time in our kitchen. Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables.

Cook Homey

I photograph all the recipes and dishes myself, which I really enjoy and where I am ready to keep improving. I try to bring you tempting and eye-catching photos and recipes that you will look forward to and that will inspire you to step into the kitchen.

Cooking the presented dishes is also my segment, in which my girlfriend sometimes supports me. Baking in particular is her part that she really enjoys. The blog and recipes are available in two languages – English and Slovak (my mother tongue).

Basically, I still think about food. When I have breakfast, I already have lunch or dinner ideas in my head. If I do not use all the ingredients when cooking dinner, I am thinking about how to prepare them efficiently and tasty in the next amazing recipe.

Cooking should be fun first and foremost. This food blog is all about inspiring you!

Bring more fun to your kitchen!

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