5 Recipes To Impress Your Partner

5 recipes to impress her

Are you running out of ideas for new recipes and want to impress your partner with something new and tasty? Try these five recipes, which will surely please both of you.


Crispy pan seared salmon with crushed potatoes

A quick dinner doesn’t have to be just fast food. In less than 20 minutes you can prepare a fanstastic salmon, which you and your partner will enjoy perfectly. Salmon is a famous and popular fish with a delicious taste, which you all certainly like. Is there something more romantic than the delicious crispy pan seared salmon?

Pan Seared Salmon Recipe


Nut Pastry “Nussgebäck” – German Dessert Recipe

We all like to enjoy a good dessert with a cup of coffee. Whether on a weekend morning or during the week after work, this popular German dessert Nussgebäck will definitely fascinate your partner. You must try such an excellent nut pastry!

Easy German Nut Pastry Nussgebäck


Easy sweet and sour tofu vegan recipe

This recipe for sweet and sour tofu will probably be a novelty for you. If you do not have a very good experience with tofu, this recipe will convince you otherwise. Unfortunately, tofu is often prepared incorrectly and therefore the taste does not stand out very well. However, this does not apply to this sweet and sour tofu recipe. Vegans in particular will find it amazing!

Sweet & Sour Tofu


Sweet potato and goat cheese frittata

My favorite breakfast! Prepare this great sweet potato and goat cheese frittata for your partner on Saturday morning and start his or her day in a positive way. Goat cheese and sweet potatoes create a perfect taste and harmony. Frittata should be on your diet regularly.

Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Frittata


Pasta all’Amatriciana

All’Amatriciana enchants with its taste and simplicity as part of the traditional pasta dishes of Rome. The balance between tomatoes, bacon and cheese creates a unique experience. Enjoy pasta all’Amatriciana for dinner with your partner and a glass of fine wine.

Pasta all Amatriciana


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