Four Classic Roman Pasta Dishes

Who doesn’t love pasta, right? You can usually prepare pasta in a short time and in many tasty and different ways. It is the commonness that makes pasta a popular dish. In this case, the good old saying applies – “There is beauty in simplicity”.

There are countless recipes and combinations for making delicious pasta. Different types of pasta can also brighten up your favorite dinner. Whether it’s spaghetti, penne, fusilli, tagliatelle, tortellini or many others. Each type brings a different experience in your kitchen and the combination with different ingredients creates original dishes.

I bring you four Roman classics that every lover of Italian cuisine should know. The simplicity of these dishes also lies in the fact that only a few ingredients are needed for all four recipes. Adding or removing one ingredient creates a unique and distinctive recipe. The basis of all pasta is the recipe Cacio e Pepe (from Italian “cheese and pepper”). It may sound boring to many of you, as these are just two basic ingredients. However, it is the simplicity that works like magic. If you “embellish” the right technique, you will be amazed how fantastic Pasta Cacio e Pepe can be.

What is interesting about these traditional recipes is that the addition of one ingredient changes the taste and character considerably. If you add bacon to Cacio e Pepe, you get spaghetti alla Gricia. If you add eggs, you can enjoy the popular and traditional Carbonara recipe. In case the egg is replaced by a tomato product, the dish is changed to the well-known all’Amatriciana. All recipes are original. Get inspired and enjoy traditional Roman pasta dishes!

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